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Bearing & Chassis Grease

Amsoil DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Grease GRG


AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Grease is engineered to protect high-performance bearings and chassis components in racing applications operated on snow, dirt, water or track. It provides superior protection for bearings operating under high-speed, high-heat and heavy-load conditions. NLGI #2 GC-LB.

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Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease NLGI #1 & NLGI #2

Polymeric Off-Road N…

(NLGI #1 & NLGI #2 – 5% Moly)

Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric Off-Road Grease (GPOR1) and (GPOR2) combines an over-based calcium-sulfonate complex thickener and proprietary synthetic polymeric technology to provide outstanding performance in heavy duty off-road applications operating in temperatures below 40 degrees F.

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Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease, NLGI#1 NLGI#2 GPTR1 GPTR2

Polymeric Truck, Cha…

Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease delivers excellent wear protection and extreme-pressure performance over extended service intervals in medium- and heavy-duty applications. It combines synthetic base oils, proprietary polymeric chemistry, an advanced additive package and a lithium-complex thickener for excellent impact resistance, reliable contaminant control and maximum longevity.

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Amsoil Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2 GLC

Multi-Purpose NLGI #…

Reduces friction and wear in high-speed, high-temperature components like wheel bearings and electric motors. Keeps components running clean and trouble free for outstanding performance and long life. NLGI #2 is the primary wheel bearing recommendation.

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AMSOIL Deluxe Grease Gun Kit GLCGN

Grease Gun Kit

The AMSOIL Deluxe Grease Gun Kit (GLCGN) makes the job of greasing equipment even easier.

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Amsoil Synthetic Water Resistant Grease GWR

Water Resistant GWR

Resists water washout and degradation. Unparalleled protection for boat trailer wheel bearings and other components frequently exposed to water. Stays in place, lubricates and protects against rust.

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Amsoil Arctic Synthetic Grease GEC

Arctic Synthetic Gre…

AMSOIL Arctic Synthetic Grease provides extreme low-temperature pumpability and superior protection for equipment operating in harsh climates where temperatures drop well below freezing, ensuring superior load and wear protection where conventional greases are ineffective.

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Amsoil X-Treme Synthetic Food Grade Grease GXC

Food Grade Grease GX…

AMSOIL X-Treme Synthetic Food-Grade Grease is an ultra-premium aluminum-complex grease designed with non-toxic additives to help keep food and pharmaceuticals free from contamination. It is acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact (H1) for use in and around food-processing areas.

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Amsoil High-Viscosity Lithium-Complex Synthetic Grease GVC

High-Viscosity Lithi…

A lithium-complex thickened grease blended with premium ISO-320 synthetic base oils. Additives provide EP protection, oxidation resistance and rust and corrosion protection. Excellent for use in heavy-duty industrial and off-road applications where equipment is working under adverse conditions.

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Amsoil Semi-Fluid 00 Synthetic EP Grease GSF

Semi-Fluid 00 Synthe…

Formulated with high-viscosity ISO 460 synthetic base oils and a sophisticated additive package, providing an effective protection system that helps reduce wear and prevent damage. Its advanced extreme-pressure additives provide superior protection and performance in shock-loading applications that can rupture the oil film of conventional greases and lead to damaging metal-to-metal contact.

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Amsoil Authorized Dealer

Hi, my name is Kevin Nagel and am an authorized distributer of Amsoil products. I became a dealer because I believe in their quality through personal use. They have kept my cars running smoothly over five years now.
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